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Good Morning, Baked Corn Casserole!

Some late brunch for a hung over New Year’s Day

Despite drinking my fair share on New Year’s Eve, I woke up surprisingly early. The extra hours late in the morning/early in the afternoon afforded me the chance to finally try out a recipe from the Isa Chandra Moskowitz/ Terry Hope Romero vegan-bible Veganomicon.

My partner’s mother makes the very best baked corn casserole in the entire world. This is the kind of dish that rarely sees the light of a new day. When he goes home to visit his parents, he has one and only one responsibility: he must bring back some creamed corn casserole for me. And to his credit, without fail, he comes back with a little Tupperware container of the stuff.

Anyway, the dish is so good that I am wary of trying it myself, for fear of failing to capture its strange alchemy. But when I came across the recipe for “Southwestern Corn Pudding” in Veganomicon, I thought maybe this was a variation I could attempt. So, with a few alterations due to both taste and supplies limitations, I tried it out.

Then I threw together the world’s easiest tofu scramble to go along with the casserole. I’ve included the recipe – if you can call it a recipe – below the casserole recipe.

Baked Corn Casserole

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Vegan MoFo Polenta Casserole!

Oh, cornmeal. In every corner of the world, cornmeal is used in abundance, from the Makki di roti in South Asia to kachamak in Bulgaria to the intriguing national dish of Barbados, Cou-cou and the Flying Fish.

In my kitchen it is mostly used as breading, cornbread and the occasional johnnycake craving. I love working with cornmeal because it is versatile and flavorful, but I haven’t done much with polenta, or boiled cornmeal, despite its terrific heritage and various uses.

[Among my favorite, from the Wikipedia entry on polenta: “In southern Austria, polenta is also eaten for breakfast (sweet polenta); the polenta pieces are either dipped in café au lait or served in a bowl with the café au lait poured on top of it (this is a favourite of children).”]

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