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Friendsgiving 2010: Part Two

Jackie sets a beautiful table. Because she actually has a dining room (and a really lovely one at that), she agreed to host, as well as prepare the core ingredients to any Thanksgiving feast: turkey, mashed potatoes (vegan), two pots of gravy (one vegan, one regular), stuffing (vegan) and carrots.

The spreadsheet I had made to keep track of who was coming and what they were planning to bring ended up coming handy in order to know what we needed at last-minute, but there were very few gaps. We ended up with just enough space to accommodate all the dishes brought, not to mention just enough place settings and seats for the dozen people who RSVPed. Continue reading

Good Morning, Further Adventures of Polenta!

After the delicious results of Molly Katzen’s polenta pie, I’ve been hellbent on attempting a jonnycake-like recipe for fried polenta cakes. I started off fully intending on posting the recipe, but the Kitchen Fates had other things in mind. One hour, much frustration, and a ton of improvisation later, I managed to make a pretty decent meal. But… it was a trial. Continue reading