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Square Cafe

For such a small business district, South Braddock Avenue is a culinary powerhouse. Upscale options like Legume commingle with delectable down-to-earth favorites like D’s Six Pax and Dogz. Laying somewhere in the middle is a little cafe catering to both breakfast and lunch diners and commuting visitors just stopping in for a cup of coffee to go: The Square Cafe.

My pals (and previous dining companions) Maureen and Brandon had sampled Square Cafe while looking for a place to hold the rehearsal dinner before their wedding. They were thoroughly charmed not just by the food and decor but by the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff. But what really won me over and convinced me that a visit was necessary was their high praise of the vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, including tofu scrambles and soy chorizo. When they offered to take me with them on their next visit, I jumped at the chance.
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Good Morning! And Goodbye, Cold!

It was the cold that would not go away. For a week straight, I’ve been recovering, trying to get back some semblance of mental clarity and energy. Even a week later, I’m still getting back to full strength. I was active for most of Saturday and early Sunday, but I used the last four episodes of The Wire Season One and the season finale of Mad Men as an excuse to be more than a little lazy this past Sunday evening.

I managed to make it out to the Strip District this Saturday for a bit of shopping, a bit of eating (look for a write-up on Chicken Latino in the next few days), and a visit to the first Pittsburgh Indie Comics Expo (PIX), which was awesome. I was sixteen when I got into underground comics, mostly thanks to Trina Robbins, whose books A Century of Women Cartoonists and From Girls to Grrrlz: A History of Women in Comics showed me that I was not alone in being the girl at the comics convention searching for the one or two tables of comics that didn’t concern superheroes or monsters. (Although, I eventually came around on superhero and monster comics.)  The cartoonists I learned about gave me a good alternative avenue into the world of underground comics. I sent away for little self-published comic zines and followed my favorite web comics religiously. I found out about Maus and Persepolis and Blankets, and then began tracking down every coming-of-age graphic novel I could find. I tried my hand at my own comics (and mostly failed), corresponded with some genuinely talented artists and pined for a local indie comics convention similar to ones I had read about taking place in Seattle and Portland, New York and Chicago.

I saw the flier for PIX at the Toonseum during the last Gallery Crawl and though I knew I would be in attendance, I had no idea it would be as well executed as it was. There were easily three dozen plus vendors, local and regional artists, with plenty of comics and miscellaneous works on display and for sale. All the artists we spoke to seemed to be really pleased with both the space (I had no idea that the Guardian Storage space would be such a beautiful space), the attendance, and the support of those running the event. If the considerable flow of people and general contentment of the artists participating was any indication, I’ll be looking forward to the second annual PIX sometime next year.

So I ate a great meal, picked up a few comics (RPM by Rachel Masilamani, issues #1 and #2, and Mildly Irritateing by Katie Omberg), then returned for a bit of produce shopping before heading home. In honor of the weekend’s bounty, here’s a weekend scramble recipe! Continue reading