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Forked on the Road: Episode 2

For those who don’t remember or who are just joining us (Welcome! Can we take your coat? Care for a drink?), Forked! exists in two realms: the blogosphere (people still using that term?) and the podcastosphere (which I know is not actually a term used, but I happen to like, so I’m going with it). We blog here regularly, but occasionally we take our handy little digital voice recorder out on the town. We buy it a few drinks and a meal, and in exchange, it records our conversation, which Wes edits and posts for your audio enjoyment at Forked on the Road.

Our second episode was recorded at Piper’s Pub on the South Side, a visit that you may remember from a previous blog entry, but there was a considerable amount of activity, non-food related, that was left out.

Among the highlights:

– Listen to me and Wes banter aimlessly while walking to the restaurant!
– Engage in secondhand mockery of people we made rash assumptions about!
– Enjoy awkward moments brought to you via Wes and our friendly server!
– Experience podcasting as done by increasingly drunken hosts!
– And, of course, all tied together at the end by Wes’s stirring rendition of “Touch Me” by the Doors. (Not even remotely joking.)

After recording two + hours, Wes has culled together 45 minutes of pure podcast gold. Won’t you take a listen and join us for a meal?

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Good Morning, Scotch “Egg”!

In conjunction with my post yesterday and in honor of Vegan MoFo, I did a little online research to find a vegan-friendly version of the infamous Scotch Egg.

First, a definition from Wikipedia: “A Scotch egg consists of a shelled hard-boiled egg, wrapped in a sausage meat mixture, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. Scotch eggs are commonly eaten cold, typically with salad and pickles.”

So… not exactly veg-friendly. Now, the Piper’s Pub Scotch Eggs are most certainly based off the original recipe. But if your interest was piqued by the description, but want something a little less carnivore, here are some alternatives:

Animals Not Ingredients has a decent recipe for a completely vegan version of a Scotch Egg. She uses a mushroom instead of an egg, but I’d recommend trying one of the commenters’ suggestions and use tofu instead.

From elliemay.com

Elliemay’s Blog has a vegetarian recipe that looks pretty darn fantastic. The panko crumbs are an absolute necessity.

Just Bento has a recipe (and a bit of history) for a Japanese Scotch Egg. Definitely not veggie-friendly, but worth it just for the visual breakdown on how to make the eggs. Plus, Bento boxes! Always cute!

Dinner at Piper’s Pub, or How to Get Drunk While Eating an Enormous Savory Pie

From pittsburghhotplate.com

I featured Piper’s Pub in my Neighborhood Quick Picks: South Side about a month ago, but I hadn’t been there in over a year. I didn’t even manage to make it down for a World Cup game, a serious shame when you consider the prime audience for the restaurant are football enthusiasts. (I mostly watched World Cup games secretly on my work computer, muted and concealed by open work-related desktop windows – a far inferior way to celebrate the world’s best teams going up against each other, but at least it minimized the amount of vuvuzela damage done to my hearing.)

Last Tuesday evening, the reasons to make a visit were stacking up: Wes had never been there. I hadn’t been there in some time. We were meeting up with friends who are picky eaters, therefore a place with an accessible menu was a necessity. And, above and beyond any other reason, we had not one but two coupons, promising two free dinners for two dinners bought. So we made our way into the South Side on cold, rainy night – in hindsight, ideal weather to match our British Isles dining experience. Continue reading

Neighborhood Quick Picks – South Side

There are a hundred reasons to dine in the South Side, but an unfortunate number of dissuading factors, the traffic congestion on E. Carson Street and lack of on-street parking being the prime offenders. There’s also the pervading notion that the South Side, at least on the weekends, is overrun by drunks, skanks, and drunk skanks. Can this be fully denied? No, but there is more to the neighborhood than barflies and party girls, especially if you’re hungry.

If you’re wary of a Friday or Saturday night on E. Carson Street, try heading down on a Wednesday or Thursday night, or try one of the numerous places for a weekend breakfast or brunch. Continue reading