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Remembering the Shiloh Village Dairy

A friend of mine recently relocated to Mount Washington. While dining among mutual friends, he mentioned Packs & Dogs on Shiloh Street, saying it was now his preferred place to grab a six pack. When asked if any of us had been there, most of the people at the table said that had not had the chance. I, on the other hand, have. And I do not plan on returning any time soon.

Why hate on this perfectly fine establishment serving decent hot dogs and mix-and-match six packs, featuring many beers that I love to drink? Why besmirch the good name of Packs & Dogs and all who work within its simply designed decor? Why?

Because it currently resides in the hollowed out carcass of a place I held near and dear to my heart. Because it has replaced Village Dairy.

From the Post-Gazette

The Village Dairy on Shiloh was an institution for nearly forty years before its owners decided to finally throw in the towel. I am sad to have spent so little of my young life there, but the time I spent meant the world to me. My aunt lived up on Grandview, only a block or two down the road, so her morning commute always began with a stop in at the diner/deli for a quick morning meal and the day’s newspaper. The promise of a trip to the Village Dairy always made overnight trips to her place that much better. As I got older, my affection for the place only became stronger. I apartment-sat for my aunt while she was overseas in the summer of 2005, and in four months, there wasn’t a week that went by that I didn’t pay a visit to my favorite neighborhood stop. Continue reading