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Check Me Out On the Dormont-Brookline Patch

I recently became a contributing writer for the Dormont-Brookline Patch, an online newsletter for the Dormont and Brookline neighborhoods. Started in early January, the site is steadily building a readership locally and in the surrounding Pittsburgh area, and I’m happy to be a part of the growth of this project.

My first article for the site has been posted. It’s a news feature on the struggling Dormont Fresh Market. If you live in or around the South Hills, or are just passing through via the Red Line T, do yourself and Cher Murphy a favor and stop by the market. She’s really built a store from a personal philosophy and is trying to bring fresh, affordable goods within reach of the entire community. The fact that she is struggling to sustain when so many people could benefit from her services is damn criminal, and an example of how communities fail their small businesses.

Click on the excerpt to visit the article!

Expecting a drop in business with the low foot traffic on Potomac Avenue, Murphy expected to make up the difference with grocery deliveries. The service, announced in October, is provided to Dormont, Brookline, and Beechview residents and is free for senior citizens. But aside from some loyal patrons, the service has yet to take off.

Now, disappointing in-store business is echoed by a delivery service that hasn’t yet justified the extra inventory it requires. Murphy predicts that if business doesn’t pick up soon, she will have no more than six weeks left.

Good Morning, Strip District!

Could it be? Could Lady Gaga be watching over the Strip District?


Ah, a post-Thanksgiving Saturday morning in the Strip District. I feared large crowds, but probably due to the cold weather and threat of traffic due to the parade in town, things were pleasantly quieter than usual. I usually have one or two people with me, but with most of my friends still unavailable due to the holiday, I set out by myself. It’s kind of nice to go down there alone: I can go at my own pace, hustle when necessary, meander when desired. Continue reading

Thoughts on the Strip


From roadfood.com

I have only recently become Strip savvy. Despite a few years living over in Bloomfield, not more than a mile up the road, I only ever dabbled in Strip District shopping. A loaf from Mancini’s here, or a stop-in at DeLuca’s. I had a birthday dinner at Kaya’s once. I’ve been to the Heinz History Center more times than I can count. None of that really seems to count.

When I moved to Dormont, the only things I missed about the East End were in Bloomfield, Lawrenceville, Friendship. I never even considered how much farther I was going to be from the Strip District.

So how, if my living distance from the Strip has only increased, did I finally fall for the charms and bargains of this glorious market district? Continue reading