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Good Morning, Dunkin!

There are a ton of terrific locally-owned bakeries in the area, but half-frozen on a walk home on Friday, there was only one refuge promising caffeine and an insane dose of sugar.

Say what you will about Dunkin Donuts. They serve up a damn fine cup of coffee. And their crullers aren’t bad either.

Founding Foodie…..Found.

He wore his hair to shoulder length. Silver strands somewhat matted and unkempt seemed to fall into line with the ones on his face that burrowed into light pink creases showing both lifelong travels and wisdom. The scarf around his neck matched the cool autumn breeze well, with its checkered pattern of Jack O’ Lantern orange and multicolored earth- tone hues. It fell across an older bright green jacket, the kind prominent from twenty five years prior and worn to Beer League Softball Leagues. It had seen good use. The striped bands at the cuffs felt as worn as the owner’s face. Better days were seen long behind in the shadow of this man’s life. Here he was in front of me, and I was the only one in line to recognize, this time traveling Benjamin Franklin in the flesh, hiding amongst his public, lost in the crowd awaiting a fresh early brew of coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

At least, that’s what my mind was telling me. I eyed him as he nervously stood there, wondering what it must be like to be this man, Founding Father or not, a round, full belly that had seen the delight of many a kruller and fine and not so fine pastries over the course of a lifetime. A figure like this, stands out to me figuratively and literally amongst the throngs, and I could not help but be captive to his uncanny and naturally odd splendor .

Crown of Nature X2

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