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This Week on Dormont-Brookline Patch: Quality Beers for Quality Drinking on St. Patrick’s Day

This week’s Local Table column focuses on that time-honored tradition of getting shit faced on St. Patrick’s Day. Every good Irishman will tell you that him and his fellow countrymen don’t exactly need a national holiday to drink themselves  under the table. Drinking in of itself is a celebration, so why the excuse of a holiday to do it?

The holiday of St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the man who brought Christianity to Ireland. Many of the traditional images of the holiday stem from religious purposes. For example, the shamrock thing is said to have come from Patrick’s practice of teaching the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish via the three leaves of the plant. In America, the holiday is less about Christianity and more about basic Irish-American pride, a pride that is firmly established by parades, festivals, concerts, more parades, dance performances, art, poetry, and…. drinking. Loads and loads and loads of drinking.

Who am I to challenge a longstanding tradition of insane public drunkenness? I only seek to make things a tad more civilized by suggesting a few – or seventeen – beers that will make your St. Patrick’s Day drinking a little tastier, maybe a little more satisfying, but won’t get in the way of the whole getting-wasted-out-of-your-mind endeavor. Given the alcohol content of many of these great beers, they will only serve to enable drunkenness even more.

Drink well. Drink responsibly. Slainte!

Good Morning, Scary Energy Drinks!

As you can probably tell from the amount of times it gets mentioned on this blog, I am a diehard coffee drinker. Aside from when I’m sick, I drink it every day, multiple times a day. Doesn’t matter if it’s the substantial home-brew from my French press, mediocre (yet surprisingly okay) offerings from the local gas station, or the thin (surprisingly less than okay) cup of coffee from the one-cup maker in the office. If I drink it all and as much of it as I can get. 

My ideal coffee consumption is something like this: a cup or two in the morning, one in the afternoon, and possibly two more before bedtime. I know people who balk at drinking coffee a mere hour or two before bedtime, as they claim it would keep them up all night. I know what this is like – I feel the same way after I’ve drunk nearly two pots of the stuff and tried to go to sleep. Anything under five cups, I’ll still sleep like a baby. (Well… a slightly jittery, jumpy baby, but still….)

I can wax rhapsodic on all the reasons I love coffee some other time, but suffice to say, even though I know I should be drinking better, purer, healthier things, I can’t shake my attachment to the taste,  the heat, the ritual. My adoration, devotion, and complete sublimation to coffee has steered me clear of at least one hazard: energy drinks.

I stay away from energy drinks.

From mikeroussell.com

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