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Sugar Cafe Article Posted!

On the Dormont-Brookline Patch:
The Local Table: Kelly James and the Sugar Cafe Add a Little Extra Sweetness to Dormont

The Local Food Report: Wednesday, January 19

Local food news happens all the time, and it’s unbelievable how much you miss if you don’t check out local publications. Recently read something worthwhile? Link it at the bottom!

– Despite an annoyingly ill-structured headline, Stacey Federoff’s Tribune-Review article on the sudden and tragic death of David “Chef Dato” Kadagishvili is a fitting tribute to the talented and locally beloved food entrepreneur. Chef Dato was killed last Wednesday in a car accident on Route 217. “He came here with his skills and he turned himself into an icon,” Anderson said. “He was the epitome of the American dream, worked hard and achieved success. He saw the opportunities, and he took them.”

– A nice little feature on Hyeholde from the Trib‘s Pam Starr. The Moon Township restaurant has been getting a lot of attention as of late, both in regards to its terrific gourmet menu and unique setting: Hyeholde was built in the 1930s by William and Clara Kryskill, to resemble a medieval castle. With its turrets, enormous waxed beams, dark slate floors, stained glass windows, antique European furniture and various nooks and crannies, Hyeholde instantly transports visitors to a faraway time and place.

  I always seem to want a beer after reading about Bocktown Beer and Grill, and this article on Pop City is no different.  Conceived as a neighborhood pub, Bocktown has developed a significant fan base, despite its Robinson location. Much of the following is owed to owner Chris Dilla’s online diligence. Bocktown has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Hootsuite, AND WordPress. (Jeez, don’t you have a restaurant to run, Chris?). “Everyone told me I was crazy… And it’s the worst location ever (across from Target). But we’re going nuts. I attribute it to world of mouth and social media. I’m diving into it.”

About ten years ago, the world was still wrapping its head around gluten intolerance and the effects of celiac disease. Now, gluten-free items are flooding the market, and the gluten-free diet is not just a thing of medical necessity, but a potential weight-loss tool. Does it have benefits for the unafflicted? China Millman examines the situation, as well as offering a list of local restaurants that offer gluten-free options.