Conversatin’ Fridays: Mama, I’m Movin’ Out

After a quick three-day jaunt out of town, I am back in Pittsburgh to finish what I really started last week: Moving out of my lovely apartment in the loveliest lil’ borough of Dormont. I packed up the books (Eighteen boxes! Not counting the cookbooks!), then the movies, then the records, which  meant, of course, that I’d have to eventually get around to packing up my kitchen.

Which I’m still in the process of doing. I spent nearly all day in and out of the kitchen, wrapping up glasses and plates in newspaper, stuffing boxes full of random utensils, stripping off the worn and dingy shelf paper, finding the right box to hold all of my spices and baking accessories. In one little kitchen there seems to be so much that needs to be done. You have to wonder how it only took two years to pack this much intricacies into a room. It feels like there’s something in every corner.

Tomorrow movers come in to transport my beloved yellow kitchen table (known as “Goldie”) and chairs to its new home in Shadyside, where the affluent and intellectual will surely sense that I do not match the delicate inner workings of the neighborhood and reject me, sending me right back into the arms of the South Hills.

It’s not that I’m not looking forward to trying out Shadyside. I sort of lived in that area while in my undergraduate years at Chatham, but I always stuck to the Squirrel Hill side of the campus. I know of good places to go, but mostly specialty spots, places that I wouldn’t necessarily visit on a regular basis. I need the rundown on the staples.

While I attack the rest of my apartment, I ask you affluent, intellectual types out there: What is there to do in Shadyside? Best coffee shop? Best restaurant? Best place to grab a cheap lunch? Any suggestions?

2 responses to “Conversatin’ Fridays: Mama, I’m Movin’ Out

  1. Toast!, Spoon (and Brgr), Abay, Avenue B are all wonderful, if a bit pricy. They’re on the fringes of Shadyside because that’s where I live but hey, close. Also, close-ish to Salt of the Earth! I liked the Juice Box on Walnut when I went, and that Thai place. I’m sure you’ll find fun things to do!

    Also re: “the affluent and intellectual // delicate inner workings” – a lot of graduate students are Shadyside residents, who may be intellectual but are not particularly affluent or owners of delicate (non-IKEA) household items. No worries!

  2. I spent the past two years in Shadyside (because of going to Chatham) and there are some cheap but still good spots there. My favorite is Oh Yeah! ice cream and coffee on S Highland (dollar coffee (oh yeah! I’m sorry, I had to do it), very relaxed, great place to write in the mornings, but can get loud in the afternoon because of the ice cream). Also for coffee in Shadyside-adjacent Point Breeze is Make Your Mark. Can’t comment on a favorite bar right now because Doc’s recently closed, but it has reopened as Mario’s so it’d be worth checking out. Harris Grill and Elbow Room are both really fun restaurants/bars. I’m in Bloomfield now, just outside of Shadyside, but I do occasionally make the trek over to Oh Yeah so maybe I’ll run into you!

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