Coversatin’ Fridays: Music in the Kitchen

Just a quick conversation starter for your Friday morning:

Last Christmas, me and my roommate considered setting up speakers in the kitchen, extending our living room stereo system into the second half of our apartment. For some reason plans for the project fell through, but whenever I’m slaving over any kind of meal, whether it be a quick cold salad or a four course Southern feast, I regret dropping the idea.

To be able to hear whatever is playing in the living room in my kitchen, I have to crank up the system loud enough that our downstairs neighbor is probably getting an unwanted free concert in her living room. When it’s old soul or jazz, I don’t think she minds so much, but I’m sure she’s getting sick of Fucked Up’s David Comes to Life, or Fugazi’s Repeater or any of the smattering of more abrasive music we regularly listen to.

So I’ve taken to wearing headphones and either listening to the radio or my iPod. There’s also always the chance that I might want to listen to something loud enough to the point that I’ll bring my computer speakers down from my room and into the kitchen, but that’s almost as big a chore as cooking, so that’s pretty rare.

Music makes everything a little easier, though, and in the case of cooking, it makes an activity I do enjoy that much better. So the next time I’m setting up a new home, I can guarantee that there will be a set of speakers in the kitchen, carefully and safely hooked up to whatever dominant stereo system is in the household.

So the question: Do you have a system to play/hear music in your kitchen? Do you like listening to music while cooking/baking away? If so, what is on your current kitchen playlist?

Talk amongst yourselves and leave answers in the comments. I’ve got to get to work.

5 responses to “Coversatin’ Fridays: Music in the Kitchen

  1. Since my computer is in the dining room, right next to the kitchen, I can easily turn my Boston Accoustics “cubes” in the direction of the kitchen and listen to the Alt Country station on any time I choose. But mostly when I’m working in the kitchen I listen to either podcasts or music on one of my iPods. I don’t have any playlists; I just listen to whatever strikes my fancy at the time. My taste in music is somewhat eclectic, but my go-to artists are is Lucinda Williams and Black 47.

  2. Sorry for the editing error. Drop the is in the second last line.

  3. We have an under-cabinet radio/CD player in the kitchen that I occasionally put on when I’m making anything involved. Most often I find myself turning it on during football season so I can cook while Penn State or the Steelers are playing. Sometimes I’ll put on a CD that the rest of the family might not care to listen to–to keep them out of my hair while I cook (I like control in the kitchen, at times). George Clinton or David Bowie are recent CDs I’ve cooked to.

  4. I always listen to music when I cook! I have an old ipod with a dead battery, but it still works when you plug it in, so I have it set up in my kitchen with one of those little speaker systems made for ipods that I got as a gift some time ago . I’m usually listening to some combination of rock/alternative/pop.

  5. I’m with you…I also find music makes the cooking experience more enjoyable. It’s a rare occasion when there isn’t music playing in my kitchen when I cook.
    I often leave my iPod on shuffle but sometimes I go with tunes that fit my mood.

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