CSA #3: Cauliflower and Me

Garfield Community Farm must have known about my ongoing battles with cauliflower, because we got a nice big head of the stuff this week in our CSA. Well, cauliflower, I hope you’re ready for a culinary fight, cause IT IS ON.

We were head over heels wild about the mustard greens last week, so of course everyone else was as well and there were none left to be harvested this time around. No worries, though, cause we came away with more than enough lovage, oregano, tarragon, and mint (!) to keep our food flavorful for a week.

The most unexpected treat from this week’s CSA came in the form of a large head of bok choy. I admit, while I’ve eaten my fair share of it over the years, I have never cooked it myself, so this is going to be interesting. I suppose I could just wimp out and make a stir fry, and honestly, for this first go around, that might be more than enough adventure. Still, can I use an entire head of bok choy in one stir fry? Probably not. If anyone has any good ideas out there, please let me know.

From left clockwise: Russian kale, oregano, mint.

Cauliflower, bok choy, green onions.

Green kohlrabi, salad greens, sorrel, tarragon.

Kohlrabi and bok choy? What about a slaw? I am going to a picnic this week.

By the talk on the farm, the tomato plants are growing large and abundant, so I am (fingers crossed) looking forward to some tomato action come next week.

One response to “CSA #3: Cauliflower and Me

  1. I get this CSA, too! Everything looked awesome this week. I’m planning on making a mushroom stock (veg or chicken broth, tons of mushrooms, dried chiles, celery, onions), cooking the choy in it ,and serving it all over noodles with stewed pork and sesame oil. I also love bok choy as a side just brushed with a little oil and cooked in the pan for a little bit on either side. I bet the sorrel would be really nice that way, too. Have you ever had tempura fried cauliflower? So good- especially with a soy/ red pepper flake/ honey/ vinegar sauce (and I’m not a big cauliflower person). I don’t think I’ll even get the chance to do anything with the kale because I keep eating it raw every time I open the fridge- really tasty.

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