Good Morning, Salted Caramel Bread Pudding!

Behold last week’s treat from Sugar Cafe. Some people like to get their sweet fix early in the day, some like to get it following dinner. Me, I’ll take my sweet fix any how and any time I can get it, which is how someone like me ends us eating a donut and bread pudding in the same day (and probably some Girl Scout cookies too). It is also how someone like me will never, ever be a super slender person.

Whatever. If you and I were playing a game of “Would You Rather…” and your question was, “Would you rather be super fit and perfect looking but you could never eat any unnecessary calories, meaning no desserts, no snacks, no extras OR would your rather eat anything you like, but have to work out at least four hours a week and maintain a fairly active lifestyle to maintain even the slightest hold over your fitness?”

I’d go for the latter. In a heartbeat. What is the worth of living if I can’t eat something like salted caramel bread pudding? Isn’t this why we make and share and eat these things? Because they, in some way, contain the love that we feel for ourselves, feel for others? If cooking is an act of love that you perform for others, couldn’t eating something purely for taste and desire be considered an act of love for yourself?

One response to “Good Morning, Salted Caramel Bread Pudding!

  1. Well said– in my new medically necessary and very bland diet I’ve been lamenting the loss of flavor (and caffeine…but more than caffeine, I miss spicy foods!) Just yesterday, I had a very similar thought to that which you expressed in your blog post. We’ve been told that eating right (and in this idea of “right” I include indulgences as extraordinarily rare) and working out 5 or 6 days a week is what we must undertake in order to live a longER and healthiER life. But here I am thinking “but what about a happiER life?” What good is constantly turning down sweets and working yourself like a machine if you cannot stop to taste the bread pudding? Physical beauty fades and a few extra sweets aren’t going to cause you to drop dead.

    So, I’ll stick to my workout regimen: walking everywhere as much as possible + random yoga days = I don’t have to put on gym shorts and run on a hamster wheel. And I’ll eat sweets by the fistful. I’ll kill a box of Girl Scout cookies in 4 days if I’m making them last. And, in the end, I’ll have lived a full life. A happy life. A sweet, sweet, life. And with my health history– that’s about all I can hope for.

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