Good Morning, Dunkin!

There are a ton of terrific locally-owned bakeries in the area, but half-frozen on a walk home on Friday, there was only one refuge promising caffeine and an insane dose of sugar.

Say what you will about Dunkin Donuts. They serve up a damn fine cup of coffee. And their crullers aren’t bad either.

3 responses to “Good Morning, Dunkin!

  1. I like your framing here..! :0)

  2. Yum! Crullers. Blueberry cake donuts. Last night, after his first day of the new commute/new job, SP informed me that he will drive past a Dunkin Donuts every day. I love DD, but to have one this conveniently located… yay for easily satisfying cruller cravings but boo for crullers and their negative impact on health and body size!

  3. I drove past the Dunkin’ Donuts that used to be on Greentree Road every day on my commute to grad school. Well, “drove past” is not the right way to say it…”stopped there” would be more correct. Each day was pretty much the exact thing you’ve pictured. Plus a Boston Cream donut. I love Dunkin’ Donuts.

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