The Local Food Report: Monday, January 3

Local food news happens all the time, and it’s unbelievable how much you miss if you don’t check out local publications. Recently read something worthwhile? Link it at the bottom!

– It’s been a busy and varied year for Pittsburgh dining, especially when it comes to new restaurants opening up. The PG’s China Millman takes us through the notable openings in 2010. Not a bad place to start if you’re listing restaurants to check out in the new year. (On my list: Salt of the Earth, Spoon, Sababa, Green Pepper, Daphne, and on and on and on…)

– If you checked out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s previous article on Notion, the new restaurant from Dave Racicot, you might want to read this follow-up on recent developments. The restaurant, scheduled to open today, had 50 reservations for its opening night, but time will tell if this will be the 31-year old  chef’s flight or folly. Chef Racicot is not fooling around. “To err might be human but not in Chef Racicot’s kitchen, even on the first day of business: If you allow people an opportunity to make mistakes just because something is new, he notes, it changes the mindset.”

Need a place Downtown for breakfast or lunch? Deborah Deasy of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review covers the Market Square merging of Prantl’s and Mancini’s. I, for one, am glad to have a Prantl’s post somewhere a little closer to the South Hills. “The pair first joined hands in September 2008 to rent the former Jenny Lee bakery site on Market Square. ‘We were both businesses looking to expand Downtown. Our future landlord introduced us,’ says Nick Mancini Hartner, 32, great-nephew of Jimmy Mancini, who founded Mancini’s Bread Co. in 1929.”

The Penn Avenue Fish Company and the Big Burrito Group get a nice shout out in this piece on nationwide dining from Joan Nathan (for Tablet Magazine). The author made several notable dining stops on her 32-city book tour, but only one city’s chef got to represent with a full recipe. That’s right, Big Burrito’s Chef Bill Fuller.

– Rebecca Sodergren delves into holiday food traditions for the PG’s Food Column, including “Good Luck” foods for New Year’s Day eating. While the event listings are sadly out of date at this point, the lentil soup recipe sounds good enough to make any day of the year.


One response to “The Local Food Report: Monday, January 3

  1. You absolutely have to go to Salt of the Earth. My friends, boyfriend and I went for New Years Eve and it was absolutely phenomenal. And honestly, for the type of food that’s served, the portions and the atmosphere, the prices are totally reasonable. Make sure you get the cheese plate for dessert!

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