Ugh, Good Morning…

I have come down with a cold, so everything I had to share post-holiday has to wait until I can actually see straight, let alone type something comprehensible. I’m feeling a bit better today, so expect a barrage of posts late this week/early next week.

(And I cannot stress this enough: If you are in a hospital waiting room for several hours, come loaded with Emergen-C tablets, a thermos full of miso soup, and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. Those places are filthy with germs.)

Ugh… I’m gonna go drink a gallon of green tea before work. For now, enjoy this Mystery Science Theater 3000 short. When I’m sick, I always take advantage of the couch-loafing time to watch a few of the MST3K episodes I’ve never seen (many of which are available to watch instantly on Netflix). My partner showed me this one the other day, and now our dining habits will never be the same.


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