Cut That Cookie Out!

When people ask me what my favorite dessert is – and in my fantasy world where everyone is dying to know what I think about various food matters, this happens frequently – I don’t have to hesitate: Cookies. Cookies. Cookies. All kinds. Every kind. Big cookies. Little cookies. Soft cookies. Chewy cookies. Crunchy cookies. Baked. No bake. A giant mess of ingredients or the simplest sugar cookie, I. Love. Cookies.

But… I am usually lazy when it comes to making them in my own kitchen. More often than not, I make drop cookies, which require no chilling, no rolling or shaping. These don’t make the best looking cookies, but it doesn’t really detract from the taste.

Recently, though, I’ve felt like I’ve been too lazy with my cookie making, relying mostly on recipes and variations thereof that I have done hundreds of times. But if I’m going to starting rolling and cutting out some proper cookies, I’m gonna need some good cookie cutters, right? (Just follow me here, people…)

Enter When searching for cookie cutters online, I found their listing of “1600 Cookie Cutters: The Largest Selection Online,” and trust me, they aren’t kidding. This is one huge depot for cookie cutters. They’ll even make you a custom cookie cutter shape. If it’s variety and savings you’re looking for, this is the one-stop cookie cutter shop. (Hey, DowntownDough, that one’s on me.)

I’m still perusing my options, but here are some of my favorites thus far (all images from

Crawfish Cookie Cutter – $4.00 – Better yet, it doubles as a lobster. What, you think someone is going to inspect your so-called lobster cookies and call you out on them actually being crawfish cookies? Please…

Caterpillar Cookie Cutter – $1.50 – Adorable, if slightly phallic.

Horse Head Cookie Cutter – $1.50 – Perfect for my next Godfather-themed party!

Cowboy Boot Cookie Cutter – $1.50 – No kidding, I really want this, especially if I can work out a delectable feet-flavored cookie.

Pliers Cookie Cutter – $1.99 – Should be included in the upcoming Martha Stewart collection from Home Depot.

Double Rings Cookie Cutter – $5.99 – Uh…


One response to “Cut That Cookie Out!

  1. I can’t help but think I need to get that double rings cutter for when we bake cookies for an upcoming wedding for someone I am not so fond of… although I suppose if properly decorated they’d not look so… entertaining.

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