Good Morning, Lazy Bones!

As much as I love to cook, I am human, and therefore prone to exceptional laziness. When I come home from a long day at the office, I hang up my coat, pull off my boots, and sink into the couch for a little post-work relaxing. Sometimes that relaxation gives way to a motivation to make something elaborate and delicious, using all those slowly wilting/rotting/souring items in my fridge that I know won’t last forever.

And sometimes, like last night, I have other things I need to do with my energy, like weather-proofing my windows or working on stuff for this blog or sitting on my butt, watching episode after episode of The Wire (seriously, have any of you out there watched this show? I am a fool for having not watched the series earlier). Sometimes, the energy is just not there.

Thank goodness for lazy food or I might starve. I try not to sink into the microwaveable/processed food trap, but some nights the thought of chopping a single vegetable leaves me collapsed on the sofa. The thought of boiling water for my French press coffeemaker is too much to handle. I’m so worn out I’d sooner eat nothing than have to get up the energy to sully a single pot and pan.

My go-to lazy meal is cereal, which makes me feel like the culinary equivalent of a seventeen year old boy, but whatever. When I’ve got the good quality stuff at home, like granola or Kashi, it’s not quite as bad for me as a lot of processed food, but when I’m in the laziness throes, I’d just as soon eat the Malt-o-Meal sugary junk, which is what I had big bowlful of last night. Cinnamon Toasters, you  are undeniably delicious even if you are nothing but preservatives.

So, question on this snowy morning: What is your go-to lazy night dinner? Do you attempt to cook something very basic or do you just say, “Screw it,” and eat a pint of ice cream instead?


One response to “Good Morning, Lazy Bones!

  1. Our go-to lazy dinner is probably scrambled eggs. Or we order a pizza. When I was younger I kept a stash of Stouffer’s frozen meals in the freezer – the frozen mac & cheese was a good lazy meal! Also – love The Wire!

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