Good Morning, Lullaby!

Does her voice bring you peace? Her words a long sought solace? Can you feel the tears from a long day’s journey of the heart soften and quickly mend when you open your ears? A good musician stays with you throughout the day. A fantastic one throughout a lifetime.

I had the pleasure of hearing and seeing Brandi Carlile very early in the calendar year, and towards the end of it as we are currently, I can still soundly say that her words and voice have affected me more deeply than any artist I’ve witnessed perform through this year’s entirety. To say I was elated to discover that she’d be performing this evening on PBS’s “Austin City Limits” would be an understatement. If you haven’t sampled any of her eloquent heartfelt ballads in concert or over your stereo speakers, than I can think of no finer introduction than this particular program.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and the next time her tour bus rolls around into Pittsburgh, or a city anywhere within a couple of hundred miles for that matter, I’ll expect to see you there..!


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