See? Those Things Will GET You!

I refrained from discussing the potential health hazards of energy drinks in my article yesterday, but this has recently been brought to my attention (link from ABC News):

Four Loko Company Defends Caffeinated Booze After Washington Students Sickened at Party

“The aftermath of the party, at which police found students passed out all over the house and rushed nine to the hospital, has renewed calls for bans on the drink Four Loko, which combines as much alcohol as a six-pack of beer and the equivalent of one cup of coffee.”

Four Loko is (according to Phusion Projects) “a mix of caffeine, taurine, guarana, and alcohol. The brand name “Four” is derived from the use of these four ingredients.

Four Loko comes in eight flavors: blue raspberry, cranberry lemonade, fruit punch, lemon-lime, lemonade, orange-blend, uva (grape) and watermelon. Four MaXed comes in citrus and grape.”

Yikes! Better think twice before picking up that energy boozer. I’ll stick to my espresso-martinis, thank you… Oh, wait a minute…


One response to “See? Those Things Will GET You!

  1. I’ve usually heard the obscene amounts of taurine and caffeine be culprits of energy drink slander though, as booze of any kind usually isn’t the featured culprit of this odd niche market.

    That said…the 60-70 Proof that these buggers seem to be warrants a taste test on the air I’m thinkin’..!

    I’d say considering this was featured on ABC News that the incident/product is slightly suspect due to the nature of the sensationalism on hand, and the daftness of the college kid factor doesn’t help.

    “Another issue of concern related to taurine is the question of how taurine reacts with other ingredients, like caffeine. When given to test rats in an experimental laboratory, it was found that the taurine caused anxiety, irritability, high sensitivity to noise, and self-mutilations. However, this data does not mean that the same effects will occur in humans—the differences between rats and people are obviously substantial. On a positive note, taurine is found in many foods like seafood and meat and has the beneficial properties of system detoxification and cleansing. Additionally, there have been some very good studies about the effects of high concentrations of the substance. One study in a medical journal stated that high levels of taurine could help lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.”

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