Good Morning, Spices!




I have a cabinet full of different spices, but I do tend to use a lot the same things over and over. I’m a heat addict, so if I’m cooking just for myself, I tend to use a lot of crushed red pepper or cayenne. Because of its versatility, Adobo seasoning gets a lot of use. Cumin and turmeric make a lot of appearances as well. Dill for cold salads. A little bit of onion salt on roasted vegetables. I try not to fall into cooking ruts, but my spice usage is a little… predictable.

If you cook regularly, what spices do you regularly reach for?

If you don’t cook regularly, what spices are you most liable to notice in the cooking you eat?


One response to “Good Morning, Spices!

  1. I have about a thousand spices from Penzey’s in my cupboard, but the only ones I run out of regularly are cumin, coriander, chili powder, and oregano. Kids like those Mexican-y flavors.

    If I were cooking for just myself I’d use a lot more cayenne; ancho chili powder is about as spicy as I can get with the kiddos. To get the heat I crave I end up using hot pepper flakes or Tabasco on finished dishes.

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