Aww, Good Morning!


I am not above cute things. If you wander the internet as frequently as I do – and because many of you have desk jobs, I assume that you do – you’re going to come across a terribly cute web item now and again.  Whether or not you’re looking for it, immense cuteness has a way of smacking you in the face. It’s out there, waiting for you, waiting for the moment that you click on a shared link from a friend or check your favorite blog. It might be a kitten sleeping in a teacup or a little girl doing a dance. If you’re me, it probably will somehow involve food.

Maybe I’m still on a comics-high thanks to PIX, but some of my favorite visual cuteness comes from Athens, Georgia-based artist/crafter/cuteness expert Missy Kulik, whose comics largely feature cheerful anthropomorphic objects, food items chiefly among them:


That’s the first installment of her recurring strip Tofu Baby, which can be found in the Athens, GA free paper Flagpole. You can find more of her work, both food and otherwise related, at or check out her blog Rancho Cocoa. Want some of her adorable crafts? Check out her wares at


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