Now at this point you’ll have noticed two things coming from this “half” of the Forked! writing……staff.  The first being that’s it’s primarily been a hungry army of one, up until this point.  While I’ve been largely in absentia, Emily has been ravenously and quite fantastically been maintaining the parapets of the mighty blog castle that Forked!, and doing so with extreme creative excellence.  The second thing you may have noticed, in pertinence to me that is, is that I really haven’t written much, and the one entry I did fashion only contained a morsel of detail on the food itself.


So this is where I step behind the magic curtain, and unveil my layers of “sound” yet magical B.S. to help explain what flavor I add to the mix here at Forked!.  I think.  I hope.


Webster’s Online defines the term forked as such:


adj \ˈfȯrkt, ˈfȯr-kəd\

Definition of FORKED

1: resembling a fork especially in having one end divided into two or more branches or points <forked lightning>
2: shaped like a fork or having a forked part <a forked road>

With that definition, in hand, I’m going to be writing here and there in addition to food stuff, about other aspects of what strikes me with passion.  This particular prong of the Forked!… fork needs some background.  So I’ll give you just a wee pinch of it:

Let’s just get this out of the way friends.  I’m writing on a blog, and going to be heading out to dinner with Emily, soon….VERY soon I promise, to detail our collective world and local views on the subject of cuisine, yet…..I don’t actually have a stove currently residing in my residence.  I took out ads on Craigslist, and nary a stove felt like sharing the place with me.  So I’ve stuck it out, and lived the charmed and very “elegant” lifestyle of a man that lives entirely on his own, in his own residence.


No. I am NOT going to use the “B Word” to describe myself, as in reality my life is far beyond the norm of a bachelor, and lies just a bit closer to that of a mad performing street artist that doubles as the town crying curmudgeon.  I usually make my way up street, as we say it round these parts, to the main drag of Dormont once a day in search of local eats and treats, and cut down on puking up the ozone with my car when I really don’t have to, as green as it may be.


It’s a different world for this half of Forked!, entirely different than the amazing one that would explode your nose holes with the smells of simmering flavor over at Em’s pad, but in ways I feel that hitting the road on a daily basis for dining allows me a direct compare and contrast on dishes to a ridiculous level that the regular 6PM Dinner Table Diner may not have developed over the years.

So here we are people.  I’m naked in front of you.  My soul awash in your peeping peepers.  I’m okay with that, and I hope you are too..!


Wrapping it up, in this entry, we learned that my ideas on food are naive, and as such some of my entries will be driven towards outer contexts, and well…..that I’m the proper Oscar Madison of the South Hills…….of Pittsburgh.


With that said, it’s getting a bit close to lunch or at least an early morning coffee run, err walk, up to the local plaza to grab a brew or bite to fuel the ramblings of this weary writer.

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