Anatomy of a Sandwich

Being lazy can actually be a terrific gateway to quick, delicious recipes. While I’d love to make stews and casseroles and pastas and pastries for every day of the week, many nights the thought of putting any more than ten minutes into a meal is oppressive. Not that I’m necessarily advocating 30-minute, Rachel Ray – type cooking. So much of those ingredients are processed foodstuffs, not fit for man nor beast (well, maybe beast), or at least, not the kind of thing you want to habitually reach for when you need a quick dinner.
Hence, the sandwich. The wonderful, multi-faceted sandwich. Perfect for carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores alike. Sandwiches are fantastic ways to get rid of remnants of produce, use that last slice of cheese, or try a flavor combination not yet sampled. Add heat, add condiments, add herbs, or see how much taste mileage you get out of only two or three ingredients. Be it sweet or savory, appetite-teasing or hugely satisfying, there is very little a sandwich can’t do.
(In taste, at least. Otherwise, a sandwich is an inanimate object and cannot be used for entertainment purposes of its own accord. Were you to try and entertain yourself with a sandwich, you’d really be doing all the work.)
Here is a sandwich recipe from last night, entitled:
Post-Yoga Sandwich Recipe for a Rainy Tuesday Night
– Two slices of bread
– Enough butter, margarine, Earth Balance, etc. to spread on one side of each slice of bread.
– Three slices of Veg Slices – Pepper Jack
– One small tomato
– A few onion slices
– A handful of spring mix greens (or any greens – fresh baby spinach is also really good)
– 1/4 tsp of dried basil
Basically, you’re making a grilled cheese sandwich. Set the pan on the stove at a low-to-medium heat. Put the first slice of bread, butter-side down, then put two slices of the Pepper Jack on it. Add to that the tomatoes, then the onions, and the basil. Then put the last slice of Pepper Jack down, add the greens, and top with the second slice, butter-side up. Stay on the first side of the bread until it’s golden brown, then carefully flip. Etc.
Because You Hit the Snooze Button Three Times Quick Sandwich
– One tortilla (You’ll want plain or whole wheat, something that works well with sweet and savory)
– 2 tbs peanut butter
– Honey (to your liking)
– One banana, sliced
Assorted nuts: shaved almonds, chopped pecans, walnuts, etc.
Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and whatever you call eating something as you run out the door and chase down the bus to work.

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