Good morning! [Gunshot]

Mmm… I love coffee.

A collection of Jim Henson-produced commercial spots for Wilkins Coffee, a DC-area coffee company. Limited to ten seconds, the ads featuring coffee-shilling Wilkins and antagonist-victim, Wonkins, became immensely popular with the majority of the local television audience and marked an advertising shift to the humorous and quirky. Henson produced nearly 200 ads for Wilkins, as well as altered versions for several other regional coffee companies.

Jim Henson on his marketing genius: “Till then, [advertising] agencies believed that the hard sell was the only way to get their message over on television. We took a very different approach. We tried to sell things by making people laugh.”

For a full history, including stills from dozens of the ads, check out


One response to “Good morning! [Gunshot]

  1. Is that an early kermit the frog prototype I see?

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