Let’s Get Forked!

Ah, the first post of a new blog. This is when you, the hesitant first-time visitor, make all the quick assumptions that will decide whether or not you will be returning to this blog. So, I’m going to make this very simple:

This is a blog about dining out in Pittsburgh. Once or twice a week, we’ll be podcasting a trip to a local eatery, which we will then post for download, in addition to photos and other bits of info and trivia from our visits.

We’ll also be featuring other food-related articles, ranging from current snack obsessions (I’m looking at you, Snyder‘s Hawaiian Sweet Onion chips), favorite websites (Vegweb, your wonders never cease), local goings-on, even recipes (many of them probably borrowed – with permission – from superior cooks and bakers).

So don’t judge us just yet, cause this isn’t even the appetizer.


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